All Pegasus Danes are immersed in the Puppy Culture Programs and Pegasus Puppy Program. This stabilizes and desensitizes them to function in any environment, and in public places. Meet our first Therapy Titled dog, Tonka, CGC. He has been training in agility as well as his certification to assist in schools, courtrooms and in hospitals. During the Coronavirus Isolation, it is the Nursing homes that are on lockdown from visitors and families. They are isolated to their rooms, when previously they engaged in activities and field trips sometimes on a daily basis. This was a huge change for them, as many do not understand due to their medical limitations. Tonka, with his owner and handler Courtney, did not stop there. They continued their job beyond closed doors and made visits through windows. I am soo proud of this team. It is apparent to all who have met him, Tonka had a purpose before he was born. He is giving these residents the only interaction they have had since the lockdown began. Way to go Tonka!
Tonka goes VIRAL!
Tonka was featured across the country and instantly became famous. He was "Hero of the Day"on the Today Show, and featured on CNN, CBS, NBC, The Insider, Instagram, YouTube, Good Morning America, The Dodo, and will be featured in The Great Dane Review. Numerous interviews still happening to ensure we all are still aware of the "good" during our worldwide crisis.
I am beyond proud to have one of my dogs showcased on TV during such a difficult time for our world. Great Job Tonka! I am soo proud to say you were loved before you were born, and your mission in life was solidified by preservation breeding. Pegasus Great Danes pours soo much time and devotion into each puppy in every litter and it shows in the puppies produced and raised in my home. Tonka is owned by Courtney Leigh and Co Owned by myself, and resides in Round Rock, Texas. He will be continuing his therapy work while continuing to learn Agility and Rally.
Tonka has now joined Round Rock Police Department! 
We are soo proud of this boy and how many lives he has and will continue to touch. Our hearts bleed blue, and we always have your 6! #backtheblue
Tonka has several places he is affiliated with. He can frequently be seen volunteering his time at: 
  • Cedar Pointe Nursing Home
  • Round Rock Police Department
  • Cedar Park Police Victim Services Division
  • Austin Police Department
  • Cedar Park Fire Department