Google 'dog trainer near me' and I can already feel your overwhelm!
Which One?
All Their Websites Look The Same.
How Would I Know If They're Good?
How Can I Be Sure This Is The Right One For My Family?

I totally feel all this and I've been around the industry for a while. I actually used to discourage a lot private trainers because I just wasn't impressed.  UNTIL... I met Brittany and Andrew Gleason with Dog Savvy!

Brittany and Andrew, the husband and wife team of Dog Savvy, have blown me away with their compassionate and thoughtful approach to dog training.  I've never seen dog training done so well, along with an educational experience for owners that is really unique.  In fact, I believe in their work so much, I gave them a whole page on my website! 

 If you're thinking about training, look no further! They have trained a few of my own dogs, they've trained and worked with several owners from my litters and we all agree, wonderful people and amazing training!

They're located in Round Rock, TX, and offer private training in their area BUT.. they also have incredible online courses for anyone, anywhere. I've even taken a few and I love them. 

Heads up! Andrew is a total dog nerd and a wonderful educator, both in-person and online. 

Just click on the button below to learn more about how Dog Savvy can help you